SA Business School has designed an empowering Employment Creation Initiative to address South Africa’s skills shortages. The goal is to improve real work experience skills for many unemployed people across the country. The focus of the programme is aimed specifically towards initially recruiting and then subsequently creating fulltime employment.

Using SA Business School infrastructure and resources, together with those of its clients and partners, SABS recruits and trains unemployed people in accredited NQF qualifications. The qualification runs for a period of 12 months, providing valuable knowledge and practical skills. Plus, while enrolled, participants are hosted at SA Business School, or within one of their many highly respected partners. Once the learnership is complete, SA Business School together with its partner network absorbs the learner into permanent employment, where opportunities are always in-line with the chosen leadership programme to ensure a greater chance of successful absorption. Qualified learners who leave also now have the advantage of future employment as they will have had one year’s work experience in the area that they obtained their qualification.

The holistic approach of the Leadership Programme taken by SABS has been developed to empower its learners and includes (over and above course material), a CV writing course, Interview Skills Course, Career Guidance and Career Road Mapping Course as well as Life Skills Training.

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Recruit unemployed people.


Put youth onto funded learnership for 12 month period.


Absorb learner in contact centre role and place learner into existing workplace network.


Using stipend, Host Learner in our premises employing them in contact centre environment.